Our Passion for Gift lines August 05 2015

I think my brain is fried!!!.........................I have just spent 4 days traipsing around the Gift Fair in Melbourne, as you can see from the picture above its pretty full on, & that's only a very small portion of it! However we found lots of new and exciting things, so keep your eye on our window in the coming weeks. 

I have placed an order for some of the 2016 range of Charlie Bears so if your a collector,

                                                WATCH THIS SPACE for updates!!

Buying something for someone who has it all can be really difficult, Nan’s Birthday, Great Aunt Ruby's 80th, someone’s new baby, a little something to say thank you...........You want to give something that will last, something that will make a statement in a home for years, something that makes someone think of you every time they wear it or see it, a scent which will forever remind you of that one person.............have a look at our gift range I'm sure you will find something!!


Charlie Bears, Baby Boo soft toys, Anna Collins Jewelry, silk scarves, handbags, pot pouri, hand creams, soaps, silk flowers, keepsakes and so much more. A delightful experience to wonder through everyone's favorite shop!! 




Sister-in-laws Visit April 07 2015

Today I have my sister-in-law visiting from Melbourne, she's causing mayhem in the store! Annoying customers & chatting for hours on end!! Oh what to do!!

We spent the day yesterday at busy Bangalow perusing the shops & lunching at the lovely Italian restaurant on the corner. It was great to sit and enjoy the passing traffic, with beautiful food & great service. 

Tomorrow morning I will be dragging her out of bed early as we're off to the Gold Coast to pick up flowers. Most of our flowers come from Melboune these days, all except for our roses which come from Columbia. Why roses from Columbia you might ask? Well mainly because they are enormous & they last forever!

This is an arrangement we did for a lady a week or two ago in these magnificent roses.

What do you think is it worth having them sent all that way??

Lets see if we last the week with out tearing each others hair out!!