Welcome to Winter June 11 2015


Winter is here, which means we welcome a new range of flowers..HOORAY!


Some flowers you will see if come on in store are;

Stock, Tulips, Jonquils, Erlicheer, Hyacinths, Poppies, Iris, Freesias, Dis buds as well as the all year round flowers such as Roses, lilies, Gerberas, carnations, Chrysanthemum and much much more!

Not only have we welcomed new flowers, but its now the best time to buy flowers as the colder weather means they will last longer!


Welcome to Winter


Wedding season has slowed down and we have a few months of down time now to play around and experiment with new flowers and designs, keeping up to date with modern trends. 


Come in and see us and make the most of the cooler weather!


Tara, Flowers in Paradise

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