Beware of Order Gatherers August 01 2018 2 Comments

What is an order gatherer you ask, & why should I be concerned?

There are lots of 'order gatherers' advertising on the internet these days, I won't mention any names, but I'm sure if you really look at the online florists you'reordering flowers from, you'll soon spot the difference.

An order gatherer or middle man/wholesaler is a company that advertises as a Ballina florist online, but it's not an actual florist, its someone in an office, sitting behind a computer. Most of these websites in Australia are owned by the same people, so their advertising dollar is quite high (online advertising for a florist costs something like $6 every time someone clicks on your listing!!) which makes it very hard to compete. 

If you place an order through one of these websites, your order is sent on to a real florist, like myself, minus 30% of what you have paid. For example, the photo attached to this article shows a box arrangement of white oriental lilies, we sell this arrangement online & in store for $40, the order gatherers sell exactly the same thing for $65! (the order is sent through to us for $37, so you & I are both losing money and 'they' are making a fortune!!) On top of that, the person taking your order doesn't know one flower from another!!

So the moral of this story is to make sure when you place your flower order you are actually dealing with a real florist. 

Stop being ripped off & call us now on 0 266863017 or order through this REAL FLORIST website.